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    First J-music encounters


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    First J-music encounters

    Post by Furiida on Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:29 pm

    I'm really curious to hear about your first encounters with Japanese music. What genre was it, and what song? What made you want to hear more?

    My first J-music experience was what got me hooked on the Japanese culture. My friend showed me a song by the then very popular band An Cafe. I'd never heard such music before since, where I live, we tend to keep a low profile and avoid all the colours and sparkles that are so involved in the oshare kei genre. The lyrics were gibberish to me, but being the language-nerd that I am - there was no way to resist learning more of Japanese. Today, however, this is not the kind of genre I'd "choose" to listen to.

    Share your stories :D

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